What We Do

APO Counseling helps individuals, couples and families by counseling them through difficult times. Throughout the years, we feel fortunate to have guided hundreds of people so that they, once again, can enjoy a happier and fulfilling life.


Individual Counseling

People come to counseling for a variety of reasons. We all experience periods in our lives of distressing or stressful events, which require more help than we are capable of offering to ourselves.

Sometimes, we turn to friends and family first. But often, we need a trusted professional who can help us regain perspective and plan our next course of action.

During times of grief, separation/divorce, major life transitions, or experiences from the past, counseling can help lift the burden from your shoulders and get you back on the right track. Counseling can help you deal with specific psychological or behavioral traits you would like to alter, such as those that make it difficult to relate to other people. Through counseling, you can explore uncomfortable feelings in addition to helping you cope with depression, panic or anxiety.

Couples Counseling

Many of us desire a partner with whom we can share our lives. Yet, all the things that can affect one individual, inevitably affects both people. It then can become very challenging to remain intimate and connected, especially when we have to deal with life’s constant demands that require our time and attention. Our goal is to create a life in which both partners derive meaning and fulfillment.

Family Counseling

The family is the core unit of any society. This is the place where the foundations of our worldview take shape. Families today can be very complex with all the things parents and kids can encounter as well as the added dynamics of blended families. Whatever the current constellation of one's family might be, everyone yearns for a place to call home, where we feel loved, wanted, safe and comfortable. Our goal at APO Counseling is to help your family be that way on a more regular basis.

Sports Psychology

Sport performance counseling is a combination of mindset and specific techniques. We work with individual athletes and coaches as well as teams. This service is for people who want to perform at a very high level. What we do is help you maximize your performance based on the way your mind is designed to work so that you do not inadvertently make things harder or set yourself up to fail by creating psychological or emotional binds. This is about a way to think, train and prepare for the realities of highly competitive environments in a way that amplifies your skills and talents. We teach you how to be your best on purpose.

Pinnacle Services

Being easily recognizable throughout your community can have its advantages. However, when you’re seeking counseling services, you tend to desire anonymity. Pinnacle Services was created with this particular person in mind. Learn more about Pinnacle Services here.